How Does It Work?

BodyFX is the first and only non-invasive body contouring and cellulite technology proven in peer reviewed and published human studies to both permanently kill adipose tissue and contract the skin *. BodyFX addresses problematic fatty tissue in larger body areas such as the abdomen, back (flanks), and thighs. BodyFX works by using different clinically proven modalities including radio-frequency energy and negative pressure applied to the skin and underlying fat.


Acquire. Control. Extend. Technology to safely optimize peak energy.
Pre-heating of tissue reduces threshold for selective apoptosis of fat cells.
Sophisticated tissue temperature and impedance monitoring achieves and maintains optimal temperature end points to prevent atrophic damage.
Active temperature monitoring and control with cut-offs for unprecedented safety, virtually eliminating risk of thermal injury.


Recommended Sessions
8 – 10 treatments

Session Frequency

Once desired results are achieved, maintenance every 3 – 6 months